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在过程工厂例如有暴露的建筑或水处理系统的炼油厂, 浪涌 会引起 灾害事件: 从损坏昂贵的设备和组件到整个控制系统的崩溃-不包括人员风险。

除了这些对环境和人的危险风险,在电气装置工程过电压 依然是一个 非常常见的危害原因。它们主要是由 雷击 或 转换操作造成的,但也有以下原因:

  • 静电释放

  • 大型电机火花

  • 电源波动

  • 接地故障/短路

  • 保险触发

  • 能源和信息技术控制系统并行安装

倍加福的浪涌保护器模块 可靠的将冲击电流引入地下保护人类 设备 防止可能的负面影响。 我们的产品范围为您提供了适合各种应用的强大的浪涌保护器解决方案。 为信号线保护, 电源线保护, 现场总线,和 无线解决方案提供浪涌保护器。

Devices for Signal Line Protection

Devices for signal line protection reliably protect measurement and control signals in interface technology against overvoltages—in both field level and  I/O level of control systems. Get to know Pepperl+Fuchs' surge protection modules for use in a variety of operational conditions.

Devices for Supply Line Protection

These AC surge protection barriers protect mains power supplies with 30/115/230 V against destructive power surges. The pluggable modules feature front-sided indicators delivering operating state and error message outputs ensuring a quick and easy maintenance. Due to the hot-swap technology, the M-LB AC surge protection modules can be replaced without any tools. The modules can be mounted on DIN rails, thus, installation is fast and easy.

Devices for Fieldbus

Pepperl+Fuchs offers surge protective devices for FOUNDATION™ fieldbus H1 and PROFIBUS PA. The modules reliably protect measurement and control signals in fieldbus infrastructures—in both, field level and control level.

Devices for Wireless Solutions

For broadband operation between 2 GHz and 6 GHz, Space-saving, inline design, N socket to N socket


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